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Are you searching for a quality, affordable and professional carpenter in Baskerville?Peter is an experienced carpenter with the pristine expertise to complete a range of carpentry services for commercial and residential applications. Peter prides ourselves on quality workmanship and Carpentry 4 U's qualified BaskervilleCarpenters will work with you to create your vision and design turn it into reality at an affordable price. Peter maintains high standards across every aspect of his work and believes that his their honesty, reliability and professionalism are core principles that establish our leading positioning in Baskerville Carpentry.

Peter focuses on providing a strong customer focus where quality workmanship and supreme attention to detail. He takes a comprehensive view on how best to solve our customer’s needs and ensure the result is beyond their expectations. Peter stands out as Baskerville Carpenter of choice by our constant drive to improve on quality and productivity through hard work and dedication.

Outdoor Carpentry

Perth is an extremely hot place in summer, so why would you want a steel structure around your home that will retain and radiate this heat?

Wood is a beautiful, naturally cooler material and will look great around your house. With our expertise in all things carpentry, we can craft virtually anything for you to add value and beauty to your property.

There is a long list of carpentry that can be done outdoors, however, the more common types of carpentry are gazebos, decking and patios. So what are the advantages of using timber or wooden decking in Baskerville?

Everyone wants to make the outside of their home more beautiful and inviting. One of the most popular ways to do so is by building decks around the house and garden. For those living in West Australia, there are many advantages of using Carpentry 4 U.

One major advantage is the ability to build decks that are level despite sloping ground. There can be a great deal of expense involved in levelling the ground. In addition, one must finish the ground by adding concrete, pavement, or landscaping. Building a wooden deck negates the need for these expenses.

Using wood as the building material has other advantages. It provides a solid surface that has more rebound than concrete, making it much more comfortable for walking and sitting. The wood also has more favourable thermal qualities than concrete or other materials. It stays at a more neutral temperature despite direct sunlight or cold.

Timbers are also absorbent. When it rains, the water is generally soaked into the wood, leaving the surface clean and easier to walk without slipping. Many other substances can trap the water and present a slipping hazard that could lead to injury.

Indoor Carpentry

From Skirting to Renovations Peter can provide the service you need at a quality level. Below are some of the types of services he can offer you in [Suburbs]

Timber flooring Baskerville - The natural beauty of timber flooring creates an immediate impact. Whether building or renovating, our timber flooring adds warmth and style to any home, office and commercial space.

Stud Framing Baskerville - For every remodelling job that involves knocking down a wall, there's another that calls for putting one up. If you're refinishing an attic or adding a closet or home office, you're going to need an extra wall or two.

Building a stud partition wall either part or all the way across a room can often help to make more practical use of available space, doors can easily be built into a partition wall

Staircases Baskerville - Stairs are critical pieces of a home, whether you need a staircase for your new home or in the middle of renovations and would like to modernise your existing stair, we will assist you in designing a staircase to facilitate your needs.

Picture Framing/hanging Baskerville - We provide prompt professional service for all your Artwork-Pictures & Mirror hanging requirements. Helpful advice and placement ideas are all part of the personal service ensuring a professional finish to the decor of your Home-Office-Apartment or Professional Suite.

Flat pack furniture assembly Baskerville - We love assembling flat pack furniture and we will assemble absolutely anything that comes in pieces.

Custom Furniture

Peter use to own and run a furniture restoration and recreation business were he used 100% recycled solid timber, Jarrah, Oregan and Blackout to create brand new beautiful furniture.

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