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Door Hanging services Hazelmere

Carpentry Services Hazelmere

Your local carpentry service in Hazelmere. We serve the Hazelmere area specialising in the installation of doors and other trim and finish carpentry. Carpentry 4 U focuses on the installation of fixed and sliding doors, trim and shave existing doors, installation of door frames, hang and repair gates and more. Contact our professional team at Carpentry 4 U to install and finished quickly and hassle-free your door frames.


Installing a door is exacting work and requires considerable knowledge and experience. If you don’t have the time, patience and know-how for DIY, let Carpentry 4 U qualified carpenters to install your new door for you. Pure convenience, no fuss.


Our Door Installation service is managed by a fully qualified carpenter so you know you are getting a professional service every time. We can cover all parts of the door installation process including frame preparation, hinge installation, Door preparation (including cutting the door down to size), and door handle installation. We can also paint the door for you too. 

We install all types of doors including external solid core doors, internal hollow core doors, sliding cavity doors and bi-fold doors. We provide quality craftsmanship and detail to our work to provide you with that aesthetic look you desire.


You can arrange for our carpenter to visit your home at a time that’s convenient for you. Based on your requirements, we can trim your new door to size, put on new hinges and fit any new door furniture that you may have chosen. We can also replace old and tired door frames for a complete makeover.


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Call us on 08 9417 3156 to arrange a hassle free and obligation free quote. Or you can contact us through our Contact form to get a detailed quote.